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Thatchers Gold


The Thatchers family are obsessed with apples, cider making and perfection.

A tongue-in-cheek perception of perfection.

Behind the scenes of a not-so-perfect Thatchers ad...


TV script
Director: “Action!”

Martin Thatcher: “Here at Myrtle Farm. Oops I’m… reading the wrong bit, sorry! *nervous awkward laugh*

Director: *annoyed* “CUT” *cutting scene beep*

*Martin gets too excited and knocks stacked apples on the table and the camera*

Martin Thatcher: ‘oh dear! Katy?!

Assistant: “Take 72”

Director “Urgh. If only their acting was as good as their cider”

Voice-over: "For 5 generations, the Thatchers family have poured every ounce of love, sweat and tears into cider making, day and night. Which is why their cider always tastes so damn good. Sadly, this isn't the case for everything they do."

*Martin writes PERFECTION on the board and runs out of space, finishing the word on the wall*

Thatchers Cider. Perfection in every drop.

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